Always wondered what happens behind the scenes of a fashion show?

The cultural collective 'Stand Your Ground' intertwines fashion, dance, music and art into an interdisciplinary experience. By opening up the boundaries between the backstage areas and the show they expose the fashion- and art-world. Be guided through their forbidden territory, staged at the formal prison of Amsterdam, the Bijlmerbajes.

Stand Your Ground leads you through the different stages of preparing for a performance. Peek into the Dressingroom, catch a glimpse in the House of Rehearsals and reflect on your own fashion awareness in the Studio. Become part of an innovative fashion and dance show, wherein all these backstage elements will be fused.

Be there: May 18 - walk in at 19.00 - show starts 19.30 - show until 21.30 - stay for afterdrinks - Bijlmerbajes - Amsterdam

Artists: Fashion/creative directing: Nine Parre, Artistic direction: Raya van der Kroon, Soundscape: Cedric Wiegel, Dance choreography: Jinko Adams, Dance: Comfort Kondehson, Dylan Kuyper, Luc de Raad, Fiona Dekkers, Genaro Blanck, Joley Groeizaam, Aristos Iatrou

Stand Your Ground for an inclusive fashion and art industry

Walk on forbidden territory

Peek Behind the Scenes


Stand Your Ground is a cultural collective based in Amsterdam. As a group of young interdisciplinary artists we devolop innovative and cross-border shows and events, focussed on fashion and dance. We exchange work methods of different artistic disciplines to find reinvent the presentation and experience of art.

Stand Your Ground is an initiative of Nine Parre, Raya van der Kroon, Jinko Adams.